Astier de Villatte Porte Des Lilas beeswax candle in glass vessel made in France available at Amara Home

ASTIER de VILLATTE | Porte des Lilas Candle

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A dream of times past: next stop, Porte des Lilas. At the exit of the celebrated 20s metro station, the stairs bring the delighted voyager to alleys neatly bordered by pretty little houses, with mauve lilacs overflowing their garden fences. One is enraptured by the delicious and verdant fragrances, mixed here and there with puffs of rose and jasmine.

  • 100% natural wax, free of paraffin
  • 100% braided cotton wick
  • 9cm x 9cm x 10cm
  • 260g
  • 60-70 hr burn time

Astier de Villatte's candles are free of paraffin, and other petrochemical byproducts. The mixture of soy oil, secret plant ingredients and a smidgeon of bees wax, formulated by their master candle-maker in the south of France, is perfectly adapted to the scent.